Bison FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Bison.

Does Bison work with QuickBooks Online?

100% YES! Bison is the best in the business at QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. Our enriched General Ledger blows the lid off QuickBooks Online reporting. Once you’ve used Bison with QuickBooks Online, you’ll wonder why you ever toyed around with anything else. Give us a call and we’ll show you how we beat everyone in the business with QuickBooks Online reporting!

What makes Bison so special compared to other tools?

Bison is “Services-enabled Software”. In the business intelligence world, nothing is as easy as it seems. Wrangling the data together (accurately!) is just step 1. You then need to get the data into a presentable format to make it useful to your data-consumers. And you oftentimes need to merge the data with other data-sets. This is where Bison shines. You’re not left with cookie-cutter dashboards, or even worse, a piece of software and a “good luck, you’re on your own now buddy” approach. Bison is with you every step of the way with our “Services-enabled Software” approach. You don’t get an endless project. We get you across the finish-line. Here’s a brief list of what makes Bison special:

  • We know your name
  • We give you a solution, not software + a headache
  • We have the best QuickBooks sync in the business
  • We ensure your data is accurate
  • We proactively work with you to get you where you need to be
What is your proprietary data audit?

Bison developed a proprietary audit process that intelligently ensures your data matches back to QuickBooks when it’s synced. If it doesn’t, we proactively work with you to get the issue resolved. We’ve been doing artificial intelligence (AI) since before the term became trendy. With Bison’s proprietary audit, you can rest assured you’re working with accurate data.

Am I on my own with this, or does Bison help me out?

Bison works with you every step of the way to ensure your business intelligence requirements are met or exceeded. We install Bison along with you or your IT team. We work with you to perform your first sync. Then we perform an initial audit to ensure QuickBooks is in good shape for reporting. We collect your visualization requirements and go straight into our Liftoff phase. This gets you a delivered project, satisfying one or more of your initial needs in a very short period of time. From there we go on working together on future needs, or you can create additional dashboards on your own. Either way, our “Services-enabled Software” approach ensures you that you’re always in good hands.

Can Bison handle consolidations?

Bison is incredible at consolidating QuickBooks files. We enable you to see high-level data spanning many QuickBooks files. But we also enable you to drill-to-detail on any single file. We have the ease-of-use of a cloud application along with the details normally reserved for on-premise data warehouses.

Can Bison incorporate additional, non-QuickBooks data?

Absolutely! We work with many other data-sets and we have numerous ways to get the data into your cloud data warehouse. We normally focus on companies that run on QuickBooks because we have the best sync in the business for QuickBooks. But when it comes to non-QuickBooks data-sets, most other firms either don’t allow it or they leave you on your own to incorporate it. Not Bison! We show your other data-sets along-side or merged with your QuickBooks data. It’s one of the unique benefits Bison brings to the table.

What's included with a Bison subscription?

Bison is “Services-enabled Software”. You get a whole lot of service with Bison! We work through your installation, initial sync, scheduling your syncs, and delivering our standard dashboards to you. These satisfy some requirements. If you need more, our team works closely with you to provide you the exact dashboards you need. We know QuickBooks data inside-out, and we are excellent data architect, making it a snap to include third-party data. With Bison, you get a finished project, not an endless data integration quagmire.

What does Bison cost?

Bison is truly a service, and not a piece of software that forces you to be your own database administrator and business intelligence architect. Our “Services-enabled Software” approach takes care of the tough stuff on an ongoing basis. We ensure your data is accurate, your visualizations work, and that you have someone to call (who will actually answer the phone!) if things aren’t going the way you want. For these reasons Bison is billed as a monthly subscription that includes pricing for the number and size of your QuickBooks files and the number of users you have. Our Pro-Services team works on an hourly basis to create the dashboards you want. Real-world pricing ranges from $100 to $1,000 per month, depending on the foregoing factors. The more files and users you have, the more Bison becomes your “outsourced BI team”. We work closely with our clients and we know each other by name. Click here for a custom quote.

Why does data accuracy matter?

If you can’t rely on the data in your dashboards, your executive team will lose faith in the reporting tool and whoever sanctioned the project will look foolish. Bison won’t let that happen to you. Our proprietary audit ensures your data accurately syncs from QuickBooks. You can rely on the details being right and your dashboards guiding your executive team in the proper direction.

Do you really know your clients by name?

100% true! We are on a first name basis with our clients. We work closely with them to ensure they can visualize their data and make the best decisions possible. We enjoy what we do and we enjoy pleasing our clients. Through the process of serving our clients, we become a cohesive team with them, giving their stakeholders the best information possible. And shortly into the process, we’re on a first name basis, as a team should be!