Put the data in the hands of the people who need it

CEO Details

Successful organizations rely on teamwork and collaboration to grow. Bison fosters teamwork and collaboration. We help you visualize the data. Collaborate around the data. Whoever needs the data can get it wherever they are, whenever they want it.


Share QuickBooks data without the need for extra QuickBooks licenses.

Attach comments to specific data points for instant easy sharing.

Click and send your visualization to someone as Excel, PowerPoint, or a PDF on the fly.

Remain On QuickBooks Longer

Leverage the knowledge and investment you’ve already made in QuickBooks.

Bison bridges from QuickBooks to bigger Enterprise systems by solving the tricky issue of combining reporting.

Custom Visuals

Let your team visualize where the company is, and where it’s going.

Enable each team member to view their own pre-specified set of dashboards whenever they need.

Self-service analyses let you find your own answers.

Create custom visualizations, complete with your corporate branding elements.

Combined Reporting

Bison solves the tricky issue of combining reporting.

Bison In Action


  • Bison lets you determine exactly who has access to any piece of data. You can easily set company wide, departmental, or individual permissions.
  • Secure by class, company files, account, or any other attribute in your data.


  • Proprietary data warehouse makes multi-company or multi-location easy.
  • The ability to drill-down to the individual transaction level with ease.