Convenient access to the details you need

CEO Details

Bison provides easily accessible details from QuickBooks. And we make it easy to visualize and understand.


Our pre-built visualizations give you the ability to slice through your data at the speed-of-thought.

See your data by Customer, Vendor, Account, etc. or any combination of key attributes.

Do It Across Multiple Files

Analyzing your data from multiple company files at the same time is incredibly enlightening.

Many Dimensions

Make sense of your numbers by organizing them the way you think…by customer, vendor, employee, etc.

Bison enables you to view your data across any lists and attributes available in QuickBooks.

Additionally, Bison enables you to pull in any external data you’d like to quickly organize your general ledger and get new insights on-the-fly.

Bison In Action

Bison Shines

  • Enriching data and combining data-sets is difficult.
  • But it’s what Bison does all day, every day, and we love it.
  • We take disparate data sets and merge them together, creating exponential value out of the combined view of your data.

General Ledger

  • QuickBooks General Ledger doesn’t always have the detail you need.
  • Bison enriches the General Ledger with the details behind it.

Drill Down

  • Drill through to the details in your transaction line tables to really understand what’s going on.
  • For instance if you need to see invoice Quantity, it’s only a click away.