QuickBooks Data Visualization

Visualize your way to deep business insights

CEO Details

Bison understands there is no ‘one-size fits all’ approach to visualizing your data. With Bison, your options are limitless. Tap into the wealth of insights hidden within your QuickBooks and related business data. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

Visual Data

Your business is growing because of the unique way you do things. Bison doesn’t do cookie cutter either – view your dashboards your way.

Tableau integration lets you create stunning visual dashboards to track your KPIs.

And your team will understand visual data much more easily than reams of tables.

Your Way

Create dashboards blending financial and operational data together.

Or combine your QuickBooks data with any other data.

If you need a specialized dashboard, just contact us to build it for you. Usually in a few hours.

Automated Reporting

Eliminate spreadsheet hell.

Industry leading dashboards provide targeted interaction with flexible prompting so each dashboard does the work of several.

Email alerts – set alerts and get an email when pre-set thresholds are crossed.

Schedule engine allows you to send reports to your inbox daily, or as needed.

Multiple Company Files

Multiple Company Files? No problem! All dashboards instantly update for all companies, a group of companies, or individual companies with a mouse click.

Bison In Action

Create Custom Dashboards

  • Bison allows you to create whatever dashboard you want.
  • With Tableau integration, just drag and drop to create your own dashboards, with drilldown from macro to micro level.
  • View all company files as you prefer, either consolidated or in comparisons with supporting transactions just a click away.
  • Create your own custom portal populated with the dashboards you want, linked however you want with all the custom calculations you want.

Integrate 3rd party data like Excel with ease and blend with QuickBooks data

  • Create custom hierarchies, make custom fields, pull-in external data on the fly.

Custom Calculations

  • Bison’s calculation capabilities far exceed Excel — especially its ability to perform multiple layers of calculations simultaneously and precisely.

Compare Company Files

  • Compare two or more company files in separate columns on a report or dashboard.
  • Change prompts on the fly and discover your business drivers.
  • Use pre-built visualizations as a starting point to build your unique data views.

Fiscal Calendar

  • If you prefer to align reporting with your fiscal calendar, it’s a snap with Bison.