Penny accurate every time

CEO Details

Impactful reporting is only as good as the data you have at hand. With Bison, quickly and easily consolidate any number of QuickBooks company files with transaction level detail. Want to bring in outside sets? We have you covered. See all of your data, not just some of it!

Data Syncing

A simple and truly automated data-syncing mechanism – We put the process on autopilot.

Comprehensive history lets you analyze trends to see what decisions you need to make moving forward.

Incorporate external database or spreadsheet data.

Merge to show the complete picture to your team and keep them moving in the same direction.

Data Accuracy

Data is 100% accurate and matches QuickBooks in all facets – If there’s a problem, we’ll let you know. And our Pro Services team will work with you to fix it.

Bison is the only one that audits your data on every sync to ensure you’re operating with correct data.

Multiple Files

Pull in all company files from around the company and drill down to transaction level detail.

Group companies anyway you wish and get intelligent reporting across and between files.

Bison In Action

Data Accuracy

  • Bison’s proprietary audit ensures your analytics are accurate for both operational and financial reporting needs.
  • Change any history you want in QuickBooks — Bison will automatically find the changes and ensure your data is synced accurately.

Data Syncing

  • Fast and easy — data syncs overnight automatically and pulls a daily differential from yesterday.
  • Or sync your data on the fly, just click run.

Access Data Externally

  • Export data to Excel with a click, for continued analysis.
  • Email reports and dashboards to stakeholders in various formats.

Import external data via File Sync

  • You define the file format and we’ll pull it into your private data warehouse daily.
  • Quick and easy, and 100% compatible with QuickBooks data.
  • Great for quickly syncing additional on-premise or proprietary databases.

Quick Sync

  • Select specific QuickBooks data to automatically update – as regularly as every 15 minutes.
  • Display a big-board for sales or inventory with automatic updates throughout the day.

Integrate 3rd party data like Excel data with ease and blend with QuickBooks data

  • Create custom hierarchies, make custom fields, pull-in external data on the fly.