Remain on QuickBooks
Far Longer

Focus on growth not software

Overview for CEOs

Leverage the knowledge and investment you’ve already made in QuickBooks

Case histories show that the upgrade point is far later than most companies assume it is

Bison bridges from QuickBooks to bigger Enterprise systems

Accurate-to-the-penny makes Bison suitable for financial reporting, not just trend reports

Comprehensive history lets you analyze trends to see what you need to change moving forward

QuickBooks is a great way to do the books for multi-business or multi-location enterprises

Bison solves the tricky issue of combining reporting

You can group companies anyway you wish and get intelligent reporting

All dashboards instantly update for all companies, a group of companies, or individual companies with a mouse click

Bison In Action
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Bison has what your business needs to stay on QuickBooks longer

  • Eliminates spreadsheet hell
  • A very simple and truly automated data-syncing mechanism
  • Simple and secure access to your data whenever, wherever, and on any device you want
  • Data that is 100% accurate and matches QuickBooks in all facets
  • The ability to drill-down to the individual transaction level with ease
  • Easily create precisely the complex QuickBooks reports or dashboards you want
  • As much QuickBooks history as you need
  • Functionality to easily pull in external database or spreadsheet data
  • Simple and automated QuickBooks or external budget data syncing for your Budget versus Actual dashboards
  • The ability to sync multiple QuickBooks company files from multiple devices
  • Simple comparative financials across QuickBooks company files
  • QuickBooks multi-company and consolidated reporting without going through a chart-of-accounts mapping exercise

Bison’s multi-company functionality will save you even more time, money and headaches

Bison In Action
  • Proprietary data warehouse makes multi-company or multi-location easy
  • Merge charts of accounts and get combined analytics and financial reports that are accurate-to-the-penny at a click
  • Select single, group, various, or all company files to see combined metrics
  • Consolidated financial statements in seconds

Automated intercompany eliminations

  • Simplify intercompany eliminations across multiple files for financial reporting
  • Your closes are simpler, faster, and more reliable