From Traditional BI to Modern BI

Business Intelligence has made evolutionary leaps over the past decade. Traditional data warehouses, tabular reports, mission critical excel spreadsheets, and IT departments “owning” the reporting are things of the past.

In 2007, mid-market companies running on QuickBooks had very few options. Now companies with more than $5 Million in revenue using QuickBooks have a range of BI solutions.

But what is Modern BI?

These are some of the characteristics we’ve come to associate with Modern BI:

  • Data Visualization
  • Speed and time to insight
  • Self-service
  • Mobile
  • Governance
  • Affordable

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Tableau leads the way with simple, intuitive data visualization

At the risk of being “Johnny-come-lately,” we have embraced Tableau because it provides for all of these key points. We’ll touch on each of these points briefly.

Data Visualization
This is the one that really has us jazzed. Tableau is best-of-breed when it comes to helping people see and understand their data. We’ve used the term “stunning dashboards” and that is no exaggeration. Tableau is far ahead of the competition when it comes to drag-and-drop dashboard creation that visually tell the story behind the data.

Speed and time to insight
Did we mention that Tableau is smokin’ fast? Not only is the data put into the hands of your team, but response time is swift. And because team members can display their data the way they want to see it, insights and impactful decisions can be made quickly and decisively.

Simply put, self-service BI lets team members ask AND answer key questions for themselves. Modern BI democratizes the data, and puts the power of data analysis into the hands of the entire organization. Smart executives use collaborative tools to build a culture of analytics. Instead of waiting for IT to create a report to answer crucial, time-sensitive questions, self-service analytics allow you to quickly gain insights from the data.

With Tableau, you can view your dashboards anywhere, on virtually any device. And you can easily share your findings with others. Simply email them a copy of the dashboard. Or, to share the dashboard more powerfully, send them an interactive copy of the dashboard that they can analyze in Tableau Reader.

Successful organizations balance the benefit of putting data in the hands of their team with the importance of data integrity. Without proper governance of data and models, self-service analytics can result in inaccurate data driving the decision-making. That’s really not good.

Let’s face it, emerging companies don’t really have budgets to implement enterprise ERP systems and BI front-ends. With QuickBooks, Bison and Tableau, they don’t have to. Mid-market companies can now have big-company ERP and BI capabilities at a fraction of the cost. That has certainly democratized the access to deep analytic insight.

If there is one limitation with Tableau, it is the operational reporting capability. That’s where the Bison System, built using InetSoft, has you covered. Our highest functioning clients don’t rely solely on the visual dashboards Tableau is known for. With InetSoft, they have a fully customizable reporting environment that allows them to create virtually any operational report they can dream up. That combination of interactive, real-time visualizations and operational detail is a very powerful combination.

Put Modern BI to work in your organization
If your organization has flirted with implementing a business intelligence solution, there is no better time to get started. Certainly it requires some data architecture support. The good news is that Tableau is designed so that the power of BI is firmly in the hands of the people in your organization.

Bison has already designed a wide array of dashboards that are ready to customize to your requirements in a short amount of time. Within a matter of days, you can have dashboards that you can explore and manipulate to drive informed, confident decisions. If you are missing something, Bison Pro Services team can help you create the exact custom dashboard you are looking for.

So take a look at your organization’s analytics. Can you make improvements by taking a Modern BI approach? If the answer is “yes” then take a long, hard look at Bison + Tableau.

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