Tabular Reports are so 2000!

At the risk of alienating all the die-hard Excel jockeys out there, Excel is not a Modern BI reporting tool. When it comes to business intelligence, Excel is so 2000.

If I’ve offended you, then you probably should read on, because if you truly want to implement Modern BI in your organization, you need to re-think how you report on your financial data. The fact of the matter is, most C-level executives don’t want to see massive tabular (read as “tables”) reports. They want to see a dashboard that does three key things.

  1. Simplify complex data and reveals hidden truths within the data.
  2. Provide immediate answers to pressing questions.
  3. Allows them to take decisive action.

That doesn’t mean that your tabular reports were wrong. It just means that business intelligence tools have come a long way in the past decade. In our last entry, we wrote about Modern BI, data visualization and why Tableau is fantastic for high-end users of QuickBooks. Heck, Tableau wasn’t even founded until 2003. It’s barely a teenybopper, unless you’re counting in dog years. With Bison, we can pull in your QuickBooks data as well as a wide range of data sets, including your budget, Google Analytics or payroll.

Replace your Tabular Reports with Visual Dashboards

As business intelligence experts, it is our role to stay abreast of the current trends in reporting and the tools at hand. All too frequently, we hear from prospects who want to consolidate multiple QuickBooks company files and create automated reports that look just like the reports they can export into Excel. We take one look at their “Excel Hell” and understand where they are coming from. For years, those tabular reports have been their stock in trade, the only tool they know.

The good news is, there are tools and reporting methods that will not only replace “Excel Hell” – they’ll vastly improve upon that type of reporting. Instead of eyes glazing over when another 15-page Excel report gets dropped in the middle of your board meeting, you can present stunning dashboards that immediately tell a story behind the data. That’s what your CEO and board of directors really want to see. Unless they too are Excel Jockeys, in which case, we lost you at that first paragraph!

It takes a re-think in the way you’re going to approach and present the data. Of course, change is hard, especially when going into the unknown.

Here are three data visualizations that get to point quickly and decisively.

To ease those fears, we’re going to give you three examples of dashboards we created in Tableau that will absolutely blow away the old-school reports you may be accustomed to.

Sales Map

See your sales on the map, quickly and easily. You can go down to zip code level if you want. This shows you where your sales are happening.

P&L Trends

Visually trending sections of the P&L over time provides a quick way to understand business performance. This picture is worth a thousand words.

Vendor Analysis

Which vendor do you pay the most? Which Classes or Company Files does that vendor have the most transactions in? We show you that quickly and easily.

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