How We Work

Your Path To Advanced, Custom Reports

Bison Analytics is not merely a Saas firm. We take your data from QuickBooks – as well as other external data sets – to cloud dashboards without hassle. Utilizing Tableau as a front-end reporting solution, our Pro Services team helps you create the dashboards and data visualizations that will drive your organization’s growth.


QuickBooks Analyzer! We’ll get you up-and-running with our standard reports in days.


This is how we get your data out of QuickBooks and into our cloud data warehouse. Our white glove approach makes it simple. 

  • For QuickBooks Desktop versions, we place our lightweight application on your server.
  • For QuickBooks Online, we have you authorize the Bison Sync software through our website.

Connect your data to Tableau Online

We connect your Quickbooks data in our cloud data warehouse to Tableau. This is where the magic happens! With your data, we populate our QuickBooks Analyzer Reports.

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Review Your QuickBooks Analyzer Reports in Tableau Online

We set you up and publish QuickBooks Analyzer Reports to your own instance of Tableau Online. Just login and see your QuickBooks data in a way that makes sense and drives smart decision-making.


Our Pro Services team is here to create advanced custom reports. If the data is in QuickBooks, we can report against it! 

Free Consultation

We are your “Answer Department”! Tell us what you are trying to LEARN from your data. This is an important first step to understanding what you are trying to achieve with your reporting.

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Show us an example

Frequently, our clients have a report that is ‘Part of the way there’ or ‘Works, but it takes too long to create.’ That’s a great starting point for us to develop a better, automated report within Tableau. Bison will provide you a cost estimate to create your custom report.

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Design and Review

Once we agree on the details and the costs, Bison gets to work developing a proof of concept version of your dashboard. In most cases, we have at least two rounds of review to complete the final report layout.

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Delivery and Walkthrough

Once we get it right, we walk your team through your advanced custom report. You now have your data the way you want to see it, at the click of your mouse!

It is important to note that this is not a ‘fixed cost estimate’ as full functionality and layout can take some additional rounds of revisions. The goal is to demonstrate how the Bison System presents your most important data in a visual format that promotes decision-making and drives growth.



High ROI Right Out Of The Gate!

Our Bison Liftoff is designed to be a ‘white glove’ approach to getting your team up-and-running with fully-custom reports in 30 days or less. We work together on an introductory project that gets you off the launchpad! The Bison Liftoff includes your one-time setup fee, first month of Bison Sync, Tableau Online subscription and Pro Services hours to develop your custom dashboard.