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What is Bison Analytics?

Founded in 2006, Bison Analytics specializes in providing easy-to-use analytics for businesses to succeed. Since 2006, Bison Analytics has played an important role in providing business analytics to Verizon Wireless. As a team, we have provided extensive reporting and analysis that has helped guide their marketing and business growth in the very competitive wireless market. The insights gained from our work with Verizon have given our team a great deal of expertise in handling complicated data analytics and reporting challenges. Bison Analytics helps QuickBooks businesses prosper by providing them with up-to-date, critical information they need to grow and mature. With our deep analytics capabilities, Bison Analytics empowers businesses by maximizing the value of their dynamic information to make the tough decisions every day reliably and quickly. We are supported by the award-winning Ben Franklin Technology Partners, one of the oldest and most prominent seed and venture capital organizations in the United States. Bison Analytics helps customers manage their information as a strategic asset:

  • How can financial information inform operations?
  • How can operational information inform your finances?
  • How can external data/web analytics/demographic data inform marketing?
  • How can a deeper understanding of your data provide a strategic advantage to your business?

In summary, you have questions. Your data holds the answers. Bison Analytics gets those answers for you.

What Is Analytics?

Analytics answers complicated questions by systematically gathering all the relevant data, distilling it to meaningful information, and allowing decision-makers to analyze the results to make informed business decisions. Decision-makers use business dashboards and analytics reports to answer difficult questions, find problem areas, and track results. Analytics distills all the complicated data to provide productive answers quickly and proactively. According to the leading IT research firms Gartner and IDC, the business analytics software market is the top growth sector in IT, mainly driven by the need for businesses to improve the management of their data for both faster decision making and more readily addressing tough business problems. In fact, based on a study done by MIT Sloan Management Review and IBM, organizations that use analytics are more than twice as likely to substantially outperform their competitors. (See New Intelligent Enterprise Global Executive Study and Research Project by the MIT Sloan Management Review and the IBM Institute for Business Value, Page 2.)

Why Analytics for QuickBooks?

With over 5 million businesses and 85% of the market using QuickBooks, QuickBooks is the leading accounting solution for small businesses. However, management analysis in QuickBooks is limited. While QuickBooks is a viable accounting system, you can’t really see the data in QuickBooks easily. For example, you need to know exactly what you’re looking for and where to find it, often in many different places, files, and reports. So integrating and syncing your data in QuickBooks is a big problem. Additionally, each report modification requires re-building the report each time, all over again. Therefore, with the limitations of both the QuickBooks data structure and the standardized reporting formats, performing customized detailed analyses inside QuickBooks is very impractical and often not even possible.

Why Bison Analytics?

Bison Analytics is the leading company specializing in extracting and consolidating QuickBooks data and then delivering the correct information to senior management and business owners at the right time, in the right format. Now, Bison Analytics gives QuickBooks users the ability to view their QuickBooks analytics in QuickBooks dashboards as well as in the detailed QuickBooks reports they want, anywhere-anytime. We provide our unique methodology that UNLOCKS your data to let you do whatever you want with it. You have questions, the answers are embedded in your data. We blow the doors open on your data, enabling QuickBooks data visualizations at the speed of thought. With Bison Analytics, our view is that your data can be a strategic asset. And with our unique data extraction methodology and unmatched customized reporting, we make your data a strategic asset and competitive advantage for your business.

How Does the Bison System Work?

The Bison System extracts and loads your company’s data to our highly secure servers with just a few clicks of the mouse. After the data has been uploaded, it is re-packaged and ready for immediate use in the Bison Portal. The Bison Portal is a web-based application with extensive reporting capabilities that provides the user with a rich and insightful look into your company data with powerful dashboards, charts and graphs, which can then be drilled into by you to answer the tough questions in any format you want. Bison Analytics handles all the complexity of the data extraction process, making it very simple for you. In today’s world, data can be complicated and managing a lot of data can be difficult. At Bison Analytics, we have the knowledge and expertise to manage these challenges effectively and provide you with the key metrics and reports you need for YOUR growth and YOUR bottom line.

What Are the Types of Analytics and Reports You Provide?

We answer the difficult questions. The types of challenges we address run the gamut of issues. Here are a few examples:

  1. Am I really profitable? How can my business become more profitable? How do I get there? How do I monitor this?
  2. Is the job we’re doing right now going to meet our margins in the end?
  3. How far over time can we go on the project and still break even?
  4. Are my employees billing enough hours for me to make money?
  5. My receivables are rising, what is the cause? What accounts? What products or services involved?
  6. How much does it cost me to make this specific product, by each model or each item type?
  7. Are my raw materials on hand enough to fulfill orders but not too much to sink my cash flow?
  8. We need a list of all those customers that have done minimal or no business with us in the last 12 months. Who are they? What was their last purchase and their previous history before that?
  9. Which segment of my customers are the most profitable? And why?
  10. We have 3 new customers that are doing well for us, what are their characteristics?

Is It Easy to Use?

Absolutely! We do all the heavy lifting, meaning that the business owner only needs to think about what you want to see…
not how to get it. No longer will you have to struggle with creating complicated spreadsheets that use disconnected data from multiple places or view charts that are confusing and only reveal the tip of the iceberg. The Bison System syncs all of your data in one place and links the relevant parts you want to see in the format you want to see it to make your QuickBooks reporting easy, meaningful, and relevant.

What Are Some of the Primary Features of the Bison System?

The Bison System is rich in user-friendly features. It is the tool business owners use to manage growth. The Bison system gives you:

  • Dashboards and data visualizations, with unlimited multi-dimensional charting
  • Wide range of chart types including custom geographic mapping
  • Drag and drop design with ad hoc reporting wizards and free-form editing
  • Exceptional drilldown data access across views and into your customized details
  • Deep dives into your data with rapid generation of reports and complete flexibility including extensive filter, sort and search capabilities
  • Easy & Seamless navigation of your own database (independent of QuickBooks), with individualized flexibility and customization on how you want to see your data
  • Internet access from anywhere – all popular Web browsers supported with or without a Flash plug-in, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, & Safari
  • Mobile access – access your dashboards, analyses, and reports anywhere-anytime from Web-enabled devices including Android-based tablets, smart phones, iPads, and iPhones
  • Alerts for triggers, exceptions or issues that arise at any time in your business processes
  • Shared Bookmarks & Sharing – save dashboards, analyses, or reports for future use and sharing among colleagues

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