How To Create Custom QuickBooks Dashboards

Create Custom QuickBooks Dashboards from Reports

The Bison System’s simple interface makes it easy to convert QuickBooks data into custom Dashboards. Dashboards allow decision makers to view operational and financial metrics at both the macro and micro level quickly and clearly. With the supporting financials only a click away, dashboards allow a large amount of information to be presented in a concise format. Customize your Bison Portal to display the most crucial reports to your business directly after logging in.

Step 1

  •  Log into the Bison Portal
  • Navigate to the Design Tab
  • Click on the Dashboard button
  • Select New Dashboard

Step 2

  • Give your new Dashboard a Name and Description
  • Locate the report you wish to view on your Dashboard
  • Click OK to create the Dashboard

Step 3

  • Click on the Dashboard tab to view your new Dashboard

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