Bison System Overview

What is the Bison System?

The Bison System is a complete Business Intelligence stack for your growing business. Its perfect for companies that run on QuickBooks. Create QuickBooks custom reports with ease and really understand your finances and operations. Business owners, take charge of your business with the same Business Intelligence software that competitive companies use.

QuickBooks Custom Reports

Not Just Another Report Writer

The Bison System is truly different from any other system available for QuickBooks companies. You get all of the tools necessary for real business intelligence.

  • Data extraction alone is not BI.
  • Fancy dashboards alone are not BI.
  • Custom calculations alone are not BI.

You need all of those and more to be a full BI stack like the Bison System:

  • Easily integrate other data sets in seconds, in your browser.
  • Write-back to the database through applications inside your BI interface.
  • Create crosstab and detail reports in your browser.
  • Drag-and-drop to create your dashboards, integrating data from any part of QuickBooks.
  • Secure reports by folder to share only with selected team members.
  • Schedule and email perfect looking reports.

Our Architecture is Complete, Too

We present data the correct way, allowing you to do what you want to do. Here’s how it works:

  • Extract – we extract the data from any data source you have
  • Transform – we transform the data and audit it to ensure it is all correct
  • Load the Physical Layer – we load the data into a specialized database and optimize it for reporting – this is your data warehouse
  • Report Against the Logical Layer – we create logical groupings of data with easy-to-understand names that you will instantly recognize
  • The logical layer is where the magic happens. Any user can drag-and-drop these names to create dashboards and reports with filters and prompts.

That’s not all. We have many hidden surprises.

  • You can easily integrate data from multiple logical groupings to make any dashboard or report you want
  • All of your custom fields are available for slicing and dicing the data the way you want to
  • The Bison System is the only tool you’ll use where the more you use it, the more you realize it does. That’s a refreshing change in the software industry.
QuickBooks business intelligence

How Does It Work?

The Bison Sync securely extracts and moves your ERP data to the Bison Server. The data is then immediately processed and available for your reporting needs through the Bison Portal. The Bison Sync can be modified to extract other data sources that can be included in your secure Business Intelligence environment. Work with Bison Analytics consultants to access all of your data sources and get a complete view of your business at your command.


The Bison System is rich in user-friendly features. It is The Tool business owners need to effectively manage growth and get real BI for QuickBooks. Among the many Bison System features are:

  • Easy & Seamless navigation
  • Rapid generation of reports
  • Emailing of fully-formatted reports
  • View several reports, particular business functions, products or processes simultaneously
  • Filter, sort and search capabilities that enable you to quickly identify trends, perform comparison analysis, view particular segments or create a brand new report from filtered information
  • Powerful data analysis features that include a variety of charts, gauges, treemaps, scatter diagrams and scorecard options
  • Easy report printing complete with page numbering, scaling and color print options
BI for QuickBooks

The Bison System is that rare software platform that the more you use it, the more features you find to use and love. Customers are sick and tired of software that promises a lot and under-delivers. We stand behind the Bison System with pride, knowing you will not find a more complete or full-featured tool on the market.

Kurt Steckel

CEO, Bison Analytics

Benefits of QuickBooks Business Intelligence


No matter the focus of your business, the Bison System produces the vital information necessary to run a more productive company and gain an edge over the competition. Here are some of the many benefits companies using the Bison System have realized:

  • Better Informed Decision Making: the Bison System taps into current and historical data, and makes that data easily accessible to business owners virtually anywhere. Utilizing a single point for accessing corporate data helps owners make better informed business decisions, improves operational efficiency and enhances customer relations.
  • Real Time Monitoring of Strategic Goals: with the Bison System, the strategic goals of a company are constantly tracked and monitored. Knowing quickly whether business plan modifications are necessary improves the success rate of meeting performance goals.
  • Lower Costs and Improved Efficiency: the Bison System improves operational efficiency by identifying areas of waste and inefficiencies. QuickBooks Business Intelligence provided by the Bison System allows for streamlined processes across the organization.
  • Easier Function Analysis: the Bison System enables you to drill deep into the data to find answers to questions, evaluate business functions and identify trends.
  • The Bison System has no specific system requirements. The software installs in minutes without the need of IT support. The Bison Sync application operates on all Windows operating systems.

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