How To Create a Custom QuickBooks Calculation


Custom QuickBooks Calculations

The Bison System provides you with customizable QuickBooks dashboards. It also enables you to create quick and simple custom QuickBooks dashboards and reports in minutes. This helps you analyze your business. Using QuickBooks data to create meaningful custom reports with your own QuickBooks calculations allows you to make the best decisions possible for your business. The Bison System’s Visual Composer for QuickBooks allows you to quickly and easily create a custom calculation that turns your basic data into precisely the answers you’re seeking.

  1. On a new Worksheet create a table that brings in all of the QuickBooks data you want to see on your report

2. Click on the Create Expression button in the upper right-hand corner of the Table

  • Click on the first Field you wish to include in your calculation
  • Type an asterisk ” * ” to indicate multiplication
  • Click on the second Field you wish to include in your calculation
  • Your calculation will look like this: field[‘Invoice Measures.Invoice Line Quantity’]*field[‘Item.Item PurchaseCost’]
  • Click OK to add your new calculation

3. On the preview screen, the new calculation will be displayed.