How To Integrate QuickBooks Data with Excel Spreadsheets

QuickBooks Data and Excel Spreadsheets Integration

The Bison System makes it easy to integrate QuickBooks data with Excel spreadsheets. Create custom QuickBooks reports and dashboards that utilize important elements and benchmarks of your business.  With the Bison System Visual Composer, you can start with basic QuickBooks data and utilize additional Excel data to create a custom report that tells a new story. The Bison System gives you the power to really analyze your business.

Step 1

  • On your new Worksheet, click the New Object button on the Toolbar and choose Embedded Table

Step 2

  • Using your mouse, create a table with 1 row and 1 column

Step 3

  • Right-click on the new table and select Import Data File
  • Locate the Excel file you wish to import
  • Choose the Sheet you wish to use
  • Click OK to import the Spreadsheet