How To Edit QuickBooks Reports

Easily Make QuickBooks Report Edits

As your business grows, so should your analytics. With the Bison System, QuickBooks Report edits enable you to do much more with our reports than the normal tools allow. In your browser, all by yourself, you can edit your dashboards on-the-fly. Change a chart’s dimensions or a tables columns in seconds. The Bison System puts the power in your hands.


Step 1

  • On your report, click on the Edit button

Step 2

  • On the left-hand side of the report, a new edit panel will open up
  • Click on the icon next to Transaction Date to change the transaction date on the X-Axis to Week
  • Click on the Chart icon to change the chart type to Line Chart

Step 3

  • On the preview screen, the new chart will be displayed

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