Bison System Walk-Through

The Bison Process

Take a tour through the Bison System and appreciate what it’s like to work with the best analytics available for QuickBooks. Here is how the entire process works from beginning to end. The Bison System is the most complete QuickBooks Analytics available.

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Begin Your Subscription

You provide a small amount of information and your Bison team establishes your subscription. This only takes a few minutes.

White Glove Installation

The Bison Sync is the simplest and most advanced QuickBooks syncing software available. We take it a step further and provide white-glove installation and initial sync. Once the first sync is complete our software audits your data to ensure it matches QuickBooks to the penny. Our data analysts expertly assist with any data issues which may be found. Next we schedule your nightly syncs. Don’t worry, you can perform a manual sync, too. On an ongoing basis we ensure your data matches QuickBooks to the penny.

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Training Session

The Bison System is very powerful. The deeper you dig into the system, the more power you’ll find. We provide an hour of training to familiarize you with the interface and get you started. If you’re going to create your own dashboards and reports, we’ll schedule a second session to teach you how to do that.

Live Life Intelligently

Continue on with life intelligently knowing your financial and operational metrics anytime, anywhere, in a simple and easy-to-use interface. Any business questions you have can be answered in the Bison System. If you ever need a hand, you have a dedicated support team only a phone call away. Our analysts average over 10 years of real-world, hard-won experience.

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 Optional But Powerful Steps

Flexible Trended Income

Create Custom Dashboards

If you have a specific QuickBooks dashboard requirement you can create it yourself. The Bison System’s Visual Composer is a simple drag-and-drop web interface that makes it easy to mashup your QuickBooks data with any other data.

If you prefer, we can create your custom dashboard for you. Our analysts are extremely experienced with dashboard design and we can normally deliver your custom requirements in a few hours. We’ll hand the reports off to you in an interactive session and make any changes you request.

Add Additional Data

Use our Files Sync and bring in additional data. Or pull it in via Excel. The Bison System makes it simple to add additional data to your dashboards.

Trended Ratios

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