Interactive QuickBooks Dashboards

The Best Interactive QuickBooks Dashboards

Manage your growing business with deeper insights. You need to visualize your company’s progress. The Bison System makes it easy with the Bison Analyzer’s web accessible dashboards for QuickBooks. These aren’t standard, cookie-cutter dashboards. Each dashboard provides targeted interaction which makes it equivalent to hundreds of dashboards.

Bison Analyzer Home
Homepage Income Trend

Track Income Trends

See your income statement and trended income and expenses on your homepage. This lets you know where you stand for the year or for any time period. You can easily change the time period to whatever you want.

Track Asset Trends

Seeing your asset balance trend can tell you a lot about your business. The Bison System puts it right on your homepage.

Homepage Balance Trends
Homepage Key Metrics

Key Metrics and Balances

You need to know where your critical asset balances and all your metrics are quickly and easily. It’s right on your homepage.

Easily Show Details

The Bison System shows the detailed transaction level data behind your chart with the click of a button, so you can drill-down to the details immediately.

Show Details
Flexible Trended Income

Flexible Trended Income

The Bison System makes it easy to slice-and-dice your income by a variety of prompts. This dashboard is the equivalent of hundreds of cookie-cutter dashboards.

Trended Ratios

Ratios make a lot more sense when seen in the context of the past. We make that easy with our trended ratio dashboards.

Trended Ratios
Drag and drop dashboards

Master Your Own Destiny

Our Visual Composer let’s you create your own dashboards. If the data is in QuickBooks, you can drag-and-drop it into a dashboard in minutes.

Integrate Excel Data

With a few easy clicks you can import Excel data to mash-up with your QuickBooks data. The good news is that Excel can house nearly any data you want. You can even pull in data from other systems with ease.

  • Pull in external data on-the-fly.
  • Create custom hierarchies.
  • Make new custom fields with ease.
Import Excel Data
A new level of multi-company

A New Level of Multi-Company

The Bison System excels at multi-company reporting. Choose all, a few, a group, or a single company file and all of your data updates in seconds. This is great for growing companies and franchisors alike.

Incorporate Your Own Application

If you collect and report on your own data, there’s no easier way to do that than through the Bison System’s write-back feature. We enable you to have any user login and enter data into forms. Submit the data to the database and it is instantly usable in your own dashboards. This is useful for collecting information from your various stores/offices sharing with the team.

Incorporate your own application
Stick with QuickBooks

Stick With QuickBooks

The Bison System allows you to leverage the knowledge and investment you’ve already made in QuickBooks a lot longer. Avoid the pain and costs associated with upgrading to a bigger ERP system. The Bison System is your lifeline for growth.

Integrate Third Party Data

If you want a more automated way to access third party data than Excel, we can create custom updates for your other applications. These connectors normally can be accomplished quickly and open up the possibilities for you to mash-up data.

Integrate third party data

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