QuickBooks Barcodes in Custom Reports

QuickBooks UPC Codes

QuickBooks Report Issue

If you use UPC codes to track inventory and shipping information, you rely heavily on barcodes. It can be difficult to create highly customized reports with scannable barcodes inside QuickBooks.

Bison System Solution

QuickBooks barcode integration gives you the ability to convert UPC codes into a scannable barcode. Use either a devoted device or mobile phone to scan items being loaded into shipments. QuickBooks barcode integration helps you keep track of inventory as it arrives at your warehouse. Create custom orders for customers by simply scanning the barcode of the item(s) that is requested.

QuickBooks Barcode Integration
QuickBooks UPC Codes


You can easily create any custom report or dashboard you want that includes your QuickBooks barcodes. Print customized packing lists or delivery documents that include barcodes. Get a specialized and filtered inventory list that makes it simple to check inventory levels. Save time and effort and get exactly what you need with the Bison System’s QuickBooks barcode functionality.