Custom Fields in QuickBooks Reports


Use Your QuickBooks Custom Fields Wherever You Need Them

With The Bison System, you can use QuickBooks Custom Fields in a variety of ways. Your business is unique. You capture data in a way that meets your needs. You need the ability to add QuickBooks Custom Fields in reports for your unique analytics. Now, all of your Custom Fields are captured and added to an easily accessible model. This means that your Custom Fields are only a few clicks away from being added to your custom and unique reports.

QuickBooks Custom Fields

We sync your QuickBooks Custom Fields which can easily be added to any data-set

Use your Custom Fields your way in your dashboards

With your Custom Fields available, you can now add them to tables or crosstabs. Building a graph or chart with a Custom Field has never been easier. You can also use your Custom Field as a prompt, giving you precision data on the metrics that matter most to you.

Custom Fields in Viewsheets