Ultimate QuickBooks Multi-Company Reporting

QuickBooks Reports from Multiple Company Files

If you own multiple businesses, are a franchisor, or a franchisee with multiple locations, QuickBooks is a great way to do the books for each location. But combining reporting into an easy-to-use system difficult…until now. No system provides detailed, accurate to-the-penny reporting on all locations with all history like the Bison System. Group your companies as you’d like. All dashboards instantly update for all companies, a group of companies, or individual companies at the click of your mouse. The Bison System redefines QuickBooks Multi-Company reporting and dashboards.

Muti-Company Selection Tree

Easily Show All Companies

  • To show the dashboard for all companies, choose ALL
  • You’re immediately reviewing consolidated financials for all of your company files
  • Even better, the full history behind all of these transactions is available to you in the Bison System
  • And each location is audited and accurate to-the-penny each time you sync your data

Convenient Company Groups

  • Groups of companies often make sense
  • Suppose you have two regions with two different managers
  • Each manager can see their combined data easily
  • You can also create simple comparisons between groups of files, providing powerful comparative analytics
Muti-Company Reporting

Get Down to Detail

  • Choose a single company and that’s all that’s visible in your dashboard
  • This allows you to really see what’s going on in an individual business or location
  • Once you’re finished with high-level dashboards, view detailed reports by any grouping of your company files
  • You can also select and compare any company files you want, even if they are individual files from different groups
  • This is the QuickBooks Multi-Company reporting you need

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