Bison System Standout Features for QuickBooks Dashboards


The Best Interactive QuickBooks Dashboards

The Bison System provides the best interactive QuickBooks Dashboards available. Here are some of the features that make the the Bison System stand out.


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Change prompts on the fly

Change Prompts On-The-Fly

Change prompts on-the-fly and discover your business drivers. Our flexible prompting makes a single Bison Analyzer dashboard equivalent to hundreds of other QuickBooks dashboards.


Amazingly Simple Multi-Company Reporting

Our proprietary data warehouse structure enables you to do multi-company reporting with zero effort on your part. We merge your charts of accounts and give you combined analytics and financial reporting that is accurate to the penny at the click of a button.


Amazingly Simply Multi-Company Reporting
Automated Intercompany Eliminations

Automated Intercompany Eliminations

With simple calculations create automated intercompany eliminations for financial reporting. This makes your closes much simpler, faster, and reliable.

Intelligent Syncing Engine

You’ll use our proprietary syncing engine. The Bison Sync alleviates struggles with changing historical data. We’ve done the hard work for you. Simply set-it-and-forget-it. We’ll ensure your data is accurate to the penny.


Intelligent syncing engine
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Exclusive Data Warehouse

Our exclusive QuickBooks Data Warehouse provides full QuickBooks history. We don’t limit you to a year or two of data. This allows you to understand trends more accurately.


Change Charts In Your Browser

If that’s not enough, you can change the layout of charts and reports while using the Bison Analyzer. Change the chart right in your browser. Add a new column to your crosstab. The Bison System is a breed apart.


Edit charts in your browser
Schedule dashboards to your inbox

Schedule Dashboards to Your Inbox

Schedule dashboards to be run at any time and delivered to your inbox. Our scheduling engine makes it easy.


Varied Dashboards

We provide Sales, Operations, Financial, and Other types of dashboards. These include all drillable Income and Balance sheets, trended ratios, employee hours, and the list goes on. Remember, a single Bison Analyzer Dashboard is worth hundreds of lesser dashboards because of their flexibility.


Varied dashboards

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