Bison Helps a Medical Practice CEO Get
a Complete Picture of His Business

With multiple QuickBooks company files and several practice management platforms, medical practices can find it difficult to get a complete picture of their business. “I was looking for a solution that could pull everything and put it in one place for me to access.”

Charles Williamson drew inspiration from Hollywood.

He and his father had been watching Ocean’s 11 together when they came to a scene in which the casino boss (played by Andy Garcia) gets a report as he steps out of his limousine.

“From the outset, we jokingly referred to that scene, which implicitly suggests he’s getting information on the casino operations,” he explained. “So, with a flair for accomplishing what to me was not doable, I set out to beat Ocean’s 11.”

My physician’s don’t have to drive to work and get out of a limo to see what’s happening with the business…they just have to log on to our dashboard.

For Charles, it was more than just a Hollywood dream. As the CEO of an eye-treatment practice with 4 locations, he struggled to consolidate data from multiple QuickBooks company files as well as several other practice management software platforms. Each of these files provided him with a sliver of the overall picture of the practice. 

“In order to understand my business I had to go to four different places. And in some cases I had to remotely access a server to pull data. And to me, having disparate applications, although they may each be good, that weren’t accessible, or that were tough to get to, was a constant source of frustration.”

“Ocean’s 11 inspired me to look for a solution that could pull everything and put it in one place for me to access via an internet connection.”



The Ocean’s 11 Challenge – “My numbers in one place”

Williamson Eye Centers runs its general ledger on QuickBooks Enterprise, with numerous company files for the 4 locations and business segments.  In addition, they use Care Cloud, a cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) Platform for high performing medical groups, and My Vision Express, practice management software for eye care practices.

Charles was hoping to find a solution where he could consolidate the data from the disparate sources into one reporting platform.

“I went and looked at a lot of systems out there, and a lot of them were $50,000-$60,000 up front.” he explained. Those solutions were cost-prohibitive for his group.

“I said to Bison, ‘I want something that pulls everything I need to manage my business from a metrics perspective and push it to my desktop, at the office, at my house or anywhere else in the world.’”

The Bison team were presented a challenge. They had to find a solution for importing data from unique data sets that they had never encountered before.

Care Cloud was a simpler nut to crack – it has an API that Bison could use to extract data and store in our own reporting database.

My Vision Express, on the other hand, did not offer a programmable interface (API) from which Bison can automatically obtain the data. The Bison technical team devised a way to automatically pull the data from Google Sheets and load the data into the consolidated system.

With a little collaboration between Bison and the Williamson technical team, Charles had his data “in one place.”

Reports that drive insight

Now that his data was in one place, Charles wanted to create reports that would help him drive business growth. And he wanted to make it easily accessible to his key stakeholders.

“I knew what I wanted,” Charles explained. “I had a few reports in mind that provide a good financial picture. But one report I rely on is ‘value per encounter.’” 

Charles Williamson wanted a report that would track ‘value per encounter.’

For any business, it’s important to track the value of patients, clients or customers, and to measure that value over time. Multi-location organizations like Williamson Eye Center are able to compare performance across their various locations, and make insight-based decisions based upon the data.

Consolidating data from the four QuickBooks files, along with data from Care Cloud, the Bison team were able to create that report. To make it simple for Charles and his executive team, it is accessible through one central log-in with the Bison System.

“I think it’s traditional push versus pull results. If what I’m doing could be pushed to me versus me having to go pull it, that’s pretty powerful. And the Bison System provides that for me,” Charles explains. “I can  take a look at anything within a moment’s notice because Bison pulls everything I need to manage my business from a metrics perspective and pushes it to a simple log on. That is key. From there, you can export it, and model it, and shape it however you want to.”

Time Savings

Charles estimates that every quarter he saves at least two days he used to spend consolidating and auditing his data, and creating reports in excel.

“I would have to run around for half a day compiling things, interrupting other people’s work flow, make manual calculations for a full day and a half to two days.  I would have to basically do a load of arithmetic every quarter. And then of course at year’s end, do the same.”

With Bison, his reports can be generated at the click of a button. With Bison’s proprietary QuickBooks data audit, Charles knows that his data is accurate to the penny, so no further audit is necessary. And he doesn’t have to waste other people’s time compiling crucial information.

Charles also works with consultants who need to access his data. With Bison, they are a click and a login away from accessing the crucial data they need.

“Well, it’s an easy way to impart your fundamentals to third parties, that’s for sure. I say ‘Just go to this site and I’ll give you an approval to see all the business metrics you need for all of the years that you are requesting.’ That is a streamliner for sure, because what would you do in another case? You’d say, ‘Okay, send me a list of diligent items that I’ll start compiling for you and I’ll put them in Dropbox and get them over to you?’”

A Hollywood Ending… And a Complete Picture of His Business

Charles Williamson has managed the “undoable.” He has one consolidated version of his data, in one view, with easy-to-understand reports that help drive his business growth.

Best of all, “My physician’s don’t have to drive to work and get out of a limo to see what’s happening with the business…they just have to log on to our dashboard.”

Charles and his executive team have the complete picture of their business, which was what he was looking for from the outset.

“When I recommended Bison to someone recently, I said, ‘If you don’t choose them, you better choose something like it.’”

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