CapaBunga & the Bison System

CapaBunga: a QuickBooks company that needed more detailed management information about their business to succeed.

CapaBunga is a reusable silicone cap that reseals a bottle of wine after the cork is removed. It was invented by two winery owners in the Wine Country of Northern California. Walt Averill and Máire Murphy took their inspiration from the bungs used to seal barrels during winemaking. Now, once you remove the cork and then reseal the bottle with a CapaBunga, it is liquid tight. The bottle can rest on its side or even upside down without leaking. This greatly simplifies wine storage. But CapaBunga’s emphasis on simplification did not end there.

CapaBunga is enjoying very good growth. Their products are catching on all over the world, including France. This brought about their next big challenges: managing inventory items and managing the commission structure for their wide array of rep groups. Previously, the only way they were able to get this information from QuickBooks was to spend many hours with spreadsheets laboring to find the right data items and get each data item into the right field on their spreadsheets.

Walt called on Bison Analytics to help him get the management information he needed from his QuickBooks file. By extracting QuickBooks data with its industry-leading software, the Bison System was quickly able to give Walt the QuickBooks analytics he needed to run his business. Walt states “We are much more productive now. We receive two custom QuickBooks reports from Bison Analytics. The first one manages our inventory by separating the individual inventory parts from the inventory assemblies so that we have an accurate sales number by item and by state. The second report is our detailed commission summary for our industry reps”.

Walt continues “Getting the correct data out of QuickBooks is very hard to do. The Bison System has streamlined our work considerably. We save at least 8-12 hours per month not having to dig around QuickBooks and build those complicated spreadsheets. And with this approach, we know the numbers are accurate and reliable. What really stands out for me is the amount of time we save in managing our inventory and the commissions for our reps. Now I can manipulate the information to view it any way I want to see it in my reports and dashboards. And it all runs on cruise control, I get these vital reports just the way I want to see them every day.”

Kurt Steckel, CEO of Bison Analytics, notes that “CapaBunga’s use of the Bison System is precisely why we created the system. A cookie-cutter dashboard with a few key indicators wouldn’t support their explosive growth. Bison Analytics brings a completely customizable QuickBooks analytics and QuickBooks business intelligence solution to growing businesses. We enable businesses to create the exact reports they need”. Kurt continues “QuickBooks provides individual pieces of information and financials. The Bison System is in a different league. We unlock your data, allowing you to use your data however you’d like. Finally the accessibility of analytics for growing business is realized. We look forward to working with CapaBunga as they continue to grow.”

Walt adds “With the Bison System, it all works very well, and the people at Bison Analytics are easy to work with. This is a huge improvement for us over the tedious spreadsheets we were doing.” And “We are planning on having Bison Analytics do more reports for us. Next, we want to get more information on what customers are buying and when they purchased, and then we want to determine our most profitable customers and our least active customers. That way, we can make our marketing more effective. We know with Bison Analytics we can get those numbers easily and those numbers will be accurate.”

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