Shintone USA, Inc & the Bison System

A QuickBooks user that needed to build their own custom management reports.

Shintone USA, Inc (Shintone) manufactures welded tractor parts using robotic technology. Based in Georgia, their skilled work force combined with their robotic technology make them a leading contender in the welded parts industry. As the application of robotics in manufacturing has picked up substantially over the last 10 years, Shintone has remained well ahead of that evolution and is experiencing very good growth.

With continued expansions in their manufacturing capacity and improving efficiencies, Shintone is meeting these growth challenges head on by automating a lot of new processes. But they needed a way to get reliable information to management. They were finding that the limitations of QuickBooks were preventing them from having the detailed management reporting and analytics they needed. Instead, they were spending hours compiling spreadsheets each day and the reports were nearly impossible to be certain of accuracy.

Jim Cork, Director of Finance and Administration, needed an efficient way to develop his own reports and asked Bison Analytics to address this problem. As Jim states: “We found with QuickBooks that it is very time consuming to create the types of reports our executive team requires. I was spending too much time exporting QuickBooks records to Excel files and then manually manipulating the sheets to produce the reports we needed. Now, with the Bison System, we have an easy solution that allows me the flexibility to create custom QuickBooks reports and more by myself – their learning curve is very quick and very intuitive. We combine data from QuickBooks and our HR systems with ease, and the data is automatically updated daily. We build a report once and we can use it over and over again without touching it. And it all updates automatically each day.”

Jim continues: “The Bison System is really quick and gives us exactly the data we need. Our QuickBooks data is now easy to understand and shown in a format that we all understand well. Management is very happy with the reporting. And because the Bison System is web based, we are able to view our financials and other data anywhere we have Internet access. Now I can spend a lot more time analyzing information and less time assembling reports. We are really happy with the way Bison Analytics works. For us, this is what sets Bison Analytics apart from all the others: I can do the reports, or they help me do them, or if I need them to do a report for us they get it done right away. They are very flexible on helping us, whatever is best for us, they will do.”

Kurt Steckel, CEO of Bison Analytics, notes that “Bison Analytics is proud to be a small part of Shintone’s success and growth. Shintone combines data from QuickBooks and a few other systems in the Bison System. This is a textbook case of why we created the Bison System. Shintone now has the same business intelligence capabilities as large firms. As Shintone continues on its growth trajectory, the Bison System will continue to support their analytics needs.”

Jim adds “This has worked out great for us. We really like that the business intelligence tools of the Bison System are synced directly with our QuickBooks database, providing a near real time report that matches our QuickBooks accounts, and senior management is very happy with the reports. We spent a lot of time evaluating software companies and products that pledged to connect to QuickBooks. I was impressed with the Bison Analytics team as they had a solid technical solution that worked as promised. Key to our decision was the staff’s level of problem solving expertise and their enthusiasm. Everyone I talked with at Bison Analytics understood business intelligence and was eager to help Shintone create the reporting that we needed.”

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